Friday, December 15, 2017

171010 Sohee at SBS Night of Real Entertainment

Credit: 19991231net, DophamiN_Elris, of_course_YK

171008 ELRIS at Ilji Art Hall Fan Sign

Credits: DophamiN_Elris, STHSRRL, of_course_YK, first_camera

171006 Karin “Today is El Morning”

Hello, this is Karin 😚 The weather is getting very cold right? 😷 You should wear thick clothes 💕 Today is Elmorning ☀️ #엘리스 #ELRIS #가린 안뇽하세용 가린이예용😚 날씨가 많이 쌀쌀해졌어용😷 옷...

171006 Sohee “Enjoy the rest of the holidays!”

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!❤️ #엘리스 #ELRIS #소희 남은 연휴도 즐겁게 보내세용!❤️ A post shared by 엘리스 (ELRIS) (@hunus_elris) on Oct 5, 2017 at 12:32am...

171006 Yukyung gives Bella a piggy back ride

#엘리스 #ELRIS #유경 깃털처럼 너무 가벼워요...😜 A post shared by 엘리스 (ELRIS) (@hunus_elris) on Oct 5, 2017 at 2:55am PDT...

171006 Hyeseong “Cleaning”

Cleaning 😁 #엘리스 #ELRIS #혜성 청소하는듕이에유😁 남은 연휴 여러분들은 모하세용🙏 A post shared by 엘리스 (ELRIS) (@hunus_elris) on Oct 6, 2017...

171006 Yukyung “Heart ♡”


171006 Bella “Please be careful of the cold”!!

The weather is very cold ㅠㅠ Please be careful of the cold!! See you tomorrow-!!❤️

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